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Testimonials from Clients, Partners, and Colleagues

… AGM Digital brings deep knowledge into the digital space, and they help bring others unfamiliar along in the process. They bring long-term thinking and help us see how different tactics connect, which drives efficiencies. I was blown away by how quickly they jumped into action and how checked for impact and asked for feedback along the way.

… Working with Ali is great. She is smart, personable, and an ideal team player for driving organizational change. She worked through a complex landscape of decision-makers to validate her approach. In just two years since launch, the field teams have sent over 80,000 compliant communications on the new platform - and I can confidently say it would not have happened without Ali.

… Ali and AGM Digital are incredible partners. Ali's passion for innovation and digital marketing are contagious in her energy that she demonstrates as a leader and partner. She is an incredibly easy person to get along with and a natural leader who draws people to her. An outstanding collaborator, she has demonstrated her ability to drive creativity within national and global organizational teams and has positively impacted change.

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